Happy Halloween everybody! The Great Pumpkin has come to town and everyone is having fun. I thought I would share my latest personal project I have been working for the last few weeks. Aside from Illustration work I have done lately which I will post as soon as I get the OK from the clients, I have had a craving to do some real sculpting for a while. It started one Sunday afternoon, I grabbed some plasticine that I had stored away and started sculpting a female torso for starters, just to loosen myself up. My wife walked into my office and took a look at what I was doing and said, “Why don’t you make the torso a pregnant torso?” I thought about it and added the belly and the maquette took on so much personality after I had done that. But I wanted to take it further and do an entire figure, I did not have enough plasticine to do that, and I bought the stuff over 8 years ago and I bought it on a whim so I could not remember the brand or anything else. So I bought some Chavaunt clay, about four pounds of it and some aluminum wire and I made an armature with plumbers putty for the joints. I then wrapped the armature with florist wire, coiling it as I go so the clay would grip the wire. I quickly worked over the weekend making the figure and ever since then for the last couple of weeks I have been slowly working and reworking the standing sculpture. My main goal is to make molds and produce some resin copies and a cold cast bronze. The great challenge with this has been the size and sculpting the details, I find this to have been a fun and relaxing challenge for myself. Thanks for looking!

It has been busy for me this last month. I have had a few freelance gigs open up and keep me busy and on Friday before leaving my day job I got a message from the owner of ION VR, Dan Thurber. We went to elementary all the way up to high school together and then lost touch. He contacted me once I was posting my sculpting work on Facebook and we connected professionally. In March, earlier this year I did some concept art for him. He contacted me because his son wanted a T-Rex drawing, and I was happy to oblige. When it comes to dinosaurs, I do not know anybody who does not think they are cool. I had a lot of fun drawing this commission for him. It gets my mind reeling and moving whenever I think of these amazing creatures that once roamed our Earth. I think this has great potential to be sculpture.

Whew! It has been busy for me the last couple of weeks, I have taken part in local conventions here in the Boise. I have also done a couple of freelance gigs as well as worked some more on my own projects. With the freelance gigs I had to stop working on my Maleficent sculpt for a while but I intend to get back to it soon. I also have been working on a model/prop for myself this coming Halloween, a wrist communicator from Star Trek The Motion Picture. One of my passions is model building, but I will get into that another time, this little project has been a fun one. Yesterday I took part in the Library Comic Con that has been happening in Boise for 3 years know and I completely lucked out because I my table was placed right next to comic artist Steve Lieber who was super nice and a complete thrill to talk to. I posted some of the sketches that I did during the conventions that I was at, an Arzach sketch and a Spider-Woman. Enjoy and come back soon there will be more updates!

Well I do believe I nailed the likeness I was shooting for. Sculpting a likeness of Angelina Jolie has been a good challenge. Now onto phase 2 of this project!

More good progress today....still more to come.

Another good night of progress, got a long ways to go still!

New Project started tonight! I though I would challenge myself with a likeness sculpt and then take it further after the likeness has been accomplished.

One more update for tonight! Worked more on the base.

Here's the latest video for my Egg diorama, last night I was able to work more on the tubes that extend from the bottom of the egg and reach out onto the base of the sculpt. There is still some finessing that needs to be done to the carpet, but overall I am satisfied with the sculpt so far.

Another quick update before calling it a day. Worked more on the egg last night, adding more detail to the surface and then moving onto the 'carpet'. I was able to focus more on the carpet tonight, but I need to finesse it more to get it to my liking.

Just a quick update for tonight. Yes, it's the egg from ALIEN designed by the late, great HR Giger. It's nice to look at my copy of HR Giger's Alien as I work on this, it won't be exact but it will be a good exercise.

Getting all geared up for my next sculpt, I hope it will be a good challenge since this will be a diorama. Just got to study some artwork before I start plugging away tomorrow night. Before I proceed with this sculpt though, I think I need to work on the neck of my torso sculpt, make it so it doesn't look like the head was lopped off.

When I was in college, I took a sculpting class that was an intro or beginners class but my memory is a tad fuzzy on which exactly. We got to learn the pottery wheel which I was terrible at but when it came to sculpting I did very well ( for me not having touched clay since the 8th grade) at the time. One project I did was doing a bust of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I did this because a company was releasing a fiberglass 1:1 scale bust, I was excited until I saw the price. So I thought I would kill many birds with one stone so I sculpted my own. Unfortunately part of it exploded in the kiln, but I was able to repair most of it. During the semester I glanced at sculpting guides and books and I saw one that the main subject was creating a nude female torso, step by step. It process that was taken to create the sculpture for the book interested me. From an illustration point of view the construction of the sculpt made sense. It was blocked out, sections were created and position to create the pose. In the photographs a live model was used as a reference for the pose and then the sculpture took shape. I did my own for another project for the class. I sculpted a nude torso, the breasts were a challenge, mainly to make them look realistic. When the time for the critique came, the instructor asked 'What was the point of sculpting this? Male Gaze?' Now when I do a project even a personal one, I never think of the artistic minutia or baggage that can go with it. I usually do something because I want to challenge myself and simply to see if I can do it. In art classes this reasoning does not fly. My philosophy is that the work will speak for itself, all that matters to me is that I do the best I can.

When I made the leap to digital sculpting, recreating the nude torso had been on my mind for many months. So on June 30, 2015 I started sculpting in Autodesk Mudbox as soon as the kids were in bed. I started from a sphere, pushing and pulling until I got a decent shape, retopologized the mesh and then kept sculpting. After an hour the torso was at the good spot, the breasts and abdomen where sculpted and I made a post to Facebook showing my latest project. After that I added the neck and worked some more on it. What is posted here is not the final result, it is still a work in progress. The back needs finessing. I intend to get this 3D printed once it's done as soon as I get some bugs worked out in the file transfer process.

Thanks for looking! Currently I am available for freelance or employment opportunities so please drop me a line!

I used to be an active blogger a few years ago, life interfered. But personally I am very pleased that I can start again and post more current and personal projects that I am working on. Here in the log section I will be posting illustration work, sketchbook stuff; basically whatever I want to show off. Since last November I have actively been learning digital sculpting thanks to an incredible opportunity that opened up to me in the area of toy design. The best way to learn is simply by doing and I have practiced like a madman. In April I was fortunate enough to apply what I have learned and help in the design and fabrication of a high end toy that is currently in development. I cannot disclose or show anything of it until the product is released or until I get the OK from the client. It not only involved me sculpting digitally but also getting the files ready or 3D printing and that was an education for me. But in the meantime I had been doing sculpts of my own, mostly head busts, my next step will be creating full body sculpts for future use. One of the mainly projects I worked on to teach myself was to do the Frankenstein sculpt that can be viewed on my site, Yoda and even basic male and female head sculpts. But a challenge for me (I thought) was to do Admiral Ackbar from 'Return of the Jedi'. I thought everything would be pretty straightforward except for the eyes, I was expecting that to be a challenge. To my surprise it wasn't and I had the bust blocked out within two hours with extra detail work whenever I got the time to do it, the sad thing is I have put this sculpt on hold for a couple of months because of work coming in. The next step will be coloring and seeing what I can do with the eyes. Stay Tuned! And thanks for looking!