I used to be an active blogger a few years ago, life interfered. But personally I am very pleased that I can start again and post more current and personal projects that I am working on. Here in the log section I will be posting illustration work, sketchbook stuff; basically whatever I want to show off. Since last November I have actively been learning digital sculpting thanks to an incredible opportunity that opened up to me in the area of toy design. The best way to learn is simply by doing and I have practiced like a madman. In April I was fortunate enough to apply what I have learned and help in the design and fabrication of a high end toy that is currently in development. I cannot disclose or show anything of it until the product is released or until I get the OK from the client. It not only involved me sculpting digitally but also getting the files ready or 3D printing and that was an education for me. But in the meantime I had been doing sculpts of my own, mostly head busts, my next step will be creating full body sculpts for future use. One of the mainly projects I worked on to teach myself was to do the Frankenstein sculpt that can be viewed on my site, Yoda and even basic male and female head sculpts. But a challenge for me (I thought) was to do Admiral Ackbar from 'Return of the Jedi'. I thought everything would be pretty straightforward except for the eyes, I was expecting that to be a challenge. To my surprise it wasn't and I had the bust blocked out within two hours with extra detail work whenever I got the time to do it, the sad thing is I have put this sculpt on hold for a couple of months because of work coming in. The next step will be coloring and seeing what I can do with the eyes. Stay Tuned! And thanks for looking!