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Whew! It has been busy for me the last couple of weeks, I have taken part in local conventions here in the Boise. I have also done a couple of freelance gigs as well as worked some more on my own projects. With the freelance gigs I had to stop working on my Maleficent sculpt for a while but I intend to get back to it soon. I also have been working on a model/prop for myself this coming Halloween, a wrist communicator from Star Trek The Motion Picture. One of my passions is model building, but I will get into that another time, this little project has been a fun one. Yesterday I took part in the Library Comic Con that has been happening in Boise for 3 years know and I completely lucked out because I my table was placed right next to comic artist Steve Lieber who was super nice and a complete thrill to talk to. I posted some of the sketches that I did during the conventions that I was at, an Arzach sketch and a Spider-Woman. Enjoy and come back soon there will be more updates!

Well I do believe I nailed the likeness I was shooting for. Sculpting a likeness of Angelina Jolie has been a good challenge. Now onto phase 2 of this project!

Another good night of progress, got a long ways to go still!

New Project started tonight! I though I would challenge myself with a likeness sculpt and then take it further after the likeness has been accomplished.

Here's the latest video for my Egg diorama, last night I was able to work more on the tubes that extend from the bottom of the egg and reach out onto the base of the sculpt. There is still some finessing that needs to be done to the carpet, but overall I am satisfied with the sculpt so far.

Another quick update before calling it a day. Worked more on the egg last night, adding more detail to the surface and then moving onto the 'carpet'. I was able to focus more on the carpet tonight, but I need to finesse it more to get it to my liking.

Just a quick update for tonight. Yes, it's the egg from ALIEN designed by the late, great HR Giger. It's nice to look at my copy of HR Giger's Alien as I work on this, it won't be exact but it will be a good exercise.

Getting all geared up for my next sculpt, I hope it will be a good challenge since this will be a diorama. Just got to study some artwork before I start plugging away tomorrow night. Before I proceed with this sculpt though, I think I need to work on the neck of my torso sculpt, make it so it doesn't look like the head was lopped off.