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Whew! It has been busy for me the last couple of weeks, I have taken part in local conventions here in the Boise. I have also done a couple of freelance gigs as well as worked some more on my own projects. With the freelance gigs I had to stop working on my Maleficent sculpt for a while but I intend to get back to it soon. I also have been working on a model/prop for myself this coming Halloween, a wrist communicator from Star Trek The Motion Picture. One of my passions is model building, but I will get into that another time, this little project has been a fun one. Yesterday I took part in the Library Comic Con that has been happening in Boise for 3 years know and I completely lucked out because I my table was placed right next to comic artist Steve Lieber who was super nice and a complete thrill to talk to. I posted some of the sketches that I did during the conventions that I was at, an Arzach sketch and a Spider-Woman. Enjoy and come back soon there will be more updates!