• Type Illustration, Sketchbook, Painting, Stop Motion Animation

The animated short.

A short featuring some behind the scenes footage.

Digital painting done in Photoshop of a shuttle sitting on it's launching pad at dusk. This was done around the same time the last shuttle was decommissioned and shipped off to California on the back of a Boeing 747.

A painting of Elsa Lancaster in her iconic portrayal of the Frankenstein Monster’s Mate from ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’. Acrylic on Canvas Board

A Recent painting done in October 2013. A practice piece in acrylics on canvas board of Yoda from “The Empire Strikes Back”. What I am proudest of with this piece is that I used no black while painting this. Acrylic on Canvas Board

A personal kaiju or giant monster design on mine, I imagine this as a giant creature with the body of a sea turtle and a coconut crab and the legs of a crab or something like it. Pencil and India ink and colored with gouache on Bristol paper.

Gouache colored thumbnails for a greeting card design. This is one of a few renderings in my sketchbook that made me decide to start coloring my thumbnails, since then I have gone back and colored previous renderings and have colored them ever since.

This was a study done for an assignment, I had to conduct some research on the Dodo bird and it's likeness because in my thumbnails each time I drew the bird it looked like a turkey. This helped solidify the attributes of the bird in my mind for the final assignment.

This drawing of a male Gorilla was done in pencil and ballpoint pen. This study was simply an exercise for my own amusement. I have been told that this is one of my best pieces in my sketchbook to date.

A ball-point sketch of a tiger.

An ink and wash sketch of Miranda Kerr.

An ink sketch of the Creature from the Black Lagoon that was eventually sold.

Drawing from life.

Drawing from life.

Drawing from life.

Drawing from life.

A simple maquette done in plasticine for the helmet. I did this to help myself while drawing the helmet to insure accurate perspective between from the front and side views of the helmet.

A concept line drawing of Elric's helmet.