This section contains the design work I have done for fan film productions and other projects, namely ‘13’, a fan film/series based on the original Battlestar Galactica from the late '70's.

  • Role Concept Designer/ Illustrator
  • For Kuhn Global Productions
  • Date December 2011

Final colored version of Cobra Mk.1 design.

Cockpit concept design for the Cobra MK.1.

Cobra Fighter Plans, made for Cg and Practical model builders attached to project. Plans were drawn up in Adobe Illustrator CS4.

Early Concepts for Cetan (Cylon) Base starship.

Final Design for Cetan Base ship

Orthographics for the Cetan Base made for Cg and practical modelers. Plans were drawn up in Adobe Illustrator CS4.

An early digital painting.

An early digital painting.

Final Design for the Cetan Fighter. Eventually design was abandoned for a more aggressive styled craft.