Jared Wynn

  • Illustrator & Sculptor
  • Boise, Idaho

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Jared Wynn was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1982. Over the next few years his family moved from the United States to Germany where his father was stationed and then back to Kansas. Surrounded with art from an early age he began to show artistic ability and talent. After living in the San Diego area for two years after high school, Jared enrolled at Boise State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.

Jared employs different media when creating his artwork. His work ranges from pen and ink, to painting, and digital. He prefers to work traditionally, but loves to flirt with digital media. Since graduating from Boise State, he has had the opportunity to do concept design for the Kuhn Global Production of ‘13’, and being involved in a stop-motion project for Stoltz Marketing Group and the United Way of Treasure Valley. In 2013 he was contracted by Spirit Towels, USA to create licensed artwork for greeting cards and posters featuring the alumni football players for Boise State University and the University of Oregon.

Jared Became involved in toy design late 2014 by becoming a digital sculptor for It’s Alive Labs in Boise, Idaho. Headed by Caleb Chung and Len Levitt. For over two years he has sculpted assets for numerous prototypes for the LuvaBella doll line, taking his work all the way to production and manufacturing by Spinmaster. He continues to focus in toy and product design.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration at Boise State University

August 2005 – December 2011 Boise, ID


It's Alive Labs, Spinmaster, Intermountain 3D


IllustrationConcept DesignMiniature ConstructionPaintingSculptingDigital Sculpting


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