BALOK PROP reproduction


Digital Sculptor and Painter


3D Trekker


May 2020



Designed by Wah Chang for the Star Trek Episode, “The Corbomite Maneuver”. Balok was a facade used by an alien being to test the crew of the USS Enterprise.

I was contacted by Jeff McKelvy of 3D Trekker after he had viewed some of my work, mainly the Ceti Eel Sculpt. He asked if I was able to sculpt a Balok head and I was up for the challenge. I was excited by this project and set to work after an agreement was made. I used photos and stills, including screen grabs from the episode. The original prop head still exists to some degree, so photos of the existing prop were used to help with detail and the get the proportions of the head correct.

The reproduction was 3D printed at 18 inches tall, a little too big, but big enough to make an impression. The model was sculpted in Zbrush and printed on a Creality CR-10 printer, taking 200 hours to print.

Process video showing the sculpt as it was made.

Close up detail of the digital sculpt.

The reproduction head as it is being printed, over 200 hours to print!

Final photo of the painted reproduction