LuvaBella Doll Line from Spinmaster - 2017 Release


Digital Sculptor


It’s Alive Labs, LLC & Spinmaster Toys


April 2015 to February 2017


Toy Design

In the fall of 2014, I met Caleb Chung, creator of the Furby and was invited to work on a new product that his group was developing. Over the course of a few of years, a many sleepless nights, Luvabella was released by Spinmaster toys to great acclaim and won the 2017 Toy of the Year. It was also a Christmas bestseller at Walmart and Toys’r’us. To this day I am very fortunate to have participated on this project.

Many Assets from the doll since then have been used by Spinmaster on other product.

This was how it all started. The original changes that were made to this sculpt were mainly on the eyes and the eyelids. Then eventually to the cheeks.

Work Performed in Sculptris.

This hand was the first full sculpt that was produced for this project. This hand was sculpted from a sphere, and was used for the left and right hands for this prototype.

The next sculpt was to create a foot that could be used for the left and right feet. Similar to the hand, this was sculpted from a sphere.

A new asset was created for both arms. The hand and forearm were attached to an upper arm made in Solidworks. The arm would then be used for both left and right and the hands would each have their separate poses.

Painted in Zbrush, concepts showing the different options for eye colors that were possible. Spinmaster chose the Hazel colored eyes .

Paint masters created by Spinmaster, based on renderings from Zbrush. These were painted directly on 3d prints of the sculpts. The eyebrow masters created in Adobe Illustrator.

Hispanic variant of the doll painted to be shown at ToyFair 2017. The hair and eyebrows were painted using a Paasche airbrush and silicone paints. Stencils were cut from sheet styrene to apply the eyebrows. The lips were applied with a brush.

African American variant of the doll painted to be shown at ToyFair 2017, prior to assembly.

Fully Assembled African American variant ready to be clothed and shipped for display at ToyFair 2017.