United Way 'Impact' Animated short


Miniature builder/Animator/Assistant Director


Stoltz Marketing Group (SMG) & United Way of Treasure Valley


June 2012


Stop Motion Animation

I was fortunate enough to be hired for an internship position at Stoltz Marketing Group of Boise, Idaho. The project was a stop-motion animation project for the United Way of Treasure Valley’s campaign for 2012, about how everyone who contributes can help create an impact in the local area. We worked with Dragonframe to photograph the animation. I was responsible for the miniature sets at first and then I became 60% responsible for photographing the short as well. It was fun to construct the miniatures, the sets and the crane and other little things that added to the magic of the film. I added little things to the laboratory sets, like images of the Starship Enterprise, Werner Von Braun and other little easter eggs in the sets. I had a ton of fun working on this and this was one of the most enjoyable experiences to be apart of.

Shooting the cover image for the United Way program.

The Conveyor model under construction.

The Conveyor model under construction.

Me, working on the conveyor model.

Art Director Ryan Gerber setting up a diorama and lining it up with the Canon SLR.

Green foam that has been carved with a pocket knife and then painted with craft acrylics.

The finished conveyor model, on the ‘stage’ for focus and lighting tests.

Preparing the first scene in the short.

Me, working our motionless-motion control camera. We had to move it my hand, one slight nudge at a time to create movement.

Ryan Gerber, former Art Director at SMG, now a UX Designer at PlayOn.tv

The laboratory miniature set.

The smallest details always count.

The professor, sculpted by Olive Wicherski. The classroom set was built by me.

The Laboratory set with sculpted figures ready for animation.

The animated short.

A short featuring some behind the scenes footage.